The Club has since moved from it's previous location and is now settled into the Warboar Wargaming store located in Bromley. This new locations is already proving to be a fantastic safehouse for all types of Bromley based gamers.

The Gaming Club runs every Wednesday from 5-11pm

The Warboar Wargaming store can comfortably fit around 16 players with a maximum capacity of 20. The more players the better, however if the room is ever at maximum capacity, games will be monitored by time, any participants awaiting a game may either wait in the gaming room itself, the upstairs store or in the pub next door.

The venue is located in Bromley, and within easy reach of London, the south and Europe. The club itself is less than 2 minutes away from Bromley North Train Station.

Any questions about the event please use the below E-mail address to contact the TGTBTB's committee, or alternatively you may just attend one of TGTBTB's gaming nights!


Warboar Wargaming
224 High Street, Bromley, BR1 1PQ

Hours of club operation:
Wednesdays: 17:00 - 23:00
Treasurer/Secretary: Lauzeh Baker 07767451230
E-mail address:

Map and Directions